When coming to our pick-up events, we ask that you wear a mask and adhere to recommended social distancing guidelines. 

At The Fruit Truck, we are bringing fresh, delicious fruit from the orchard directly to you in a matter of days. While we work hard to stay on time, weather, traffic, or even our truck being stuck at a railroad crossing can throw off our entire schedule. The last thing we want is for you to wait unnecessarily. If our truck is going to be more than 30 minutes late to your pick-up location, we will notify you by sending a text message and by posting a notice on our truck status page. We are working hard to improve communication about our trucks and schedule. Sign up for texts and check our truck status page before you leave. 

Find your pick up spot

Check the TruckDeliverySchedule to see when and  where the truck will be parking in your community!

Pre-order your fruit

Pre-order your fruit.

Pickup your order when we come to town

On delivery day, check our truck status page to be sure we aren't running late, then  go to your selected delivery location at the scheduled date and time to pick up your fresh fruit.

Eat, Share, Enjoy!

There is so much you can do with your favorites! Eat, Share, Cook, Can, and more. Check out our blog for our favorite customer recipes!

How The Fruit Truck Works

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You just come to your community's delivery location, pickup your order, and we can help load your car for you! This might just be your new favorite life hack.

Our Values

  • We want you to enjoy wholesome foods the way they it was intended. #TheOriginalFastFood

  • Our mission is to bring high quality, fresh fruits and meats at a reasonable price directly to your community.

  • Every month Mother Nature tells us which fruit to choose!

  • Picked at the peak of maturity, we take great care in the handling and transportation of the choices we offer.

  • Not able to make it to the truck? Check out our selection of "Farm To Porch/ Home Delivery" Options. 

We never compromise integrity. Like you, we too love to share good laughs and delicious foods with. Connecting superior growers with you is what we do best. Stay in touch and be the first to know of the upcoming deliveries coming to your community!