Fruit Truck Fresh!


Did you know that some of the fruit you buy in stores is sprayed with preservatives and kept in a warehouse for months? Some apples are kept in a warehouse for up to a YEAR before they make it to your kitchen! At TheFruitTruck we bring fresh, delicious fruit straight from the orchard directly to towns across the United States. As Grandma Penny always says, "if you want it any fresher, you'll have to pick it yourself!"


In addition to our fresh fruit delivery to communities across America, we also have an online store with tons of cool kitchen gadgets, delicious and unique canned goods, and a variety of nuts and snacks. Some of our Hutterite colony jams, jellies and canned goods  can only be found at our store.  

We also have a physical store at The Fruit Truck headquarters in beautiful Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We are located in the former VFW, 3601 S Minnesota Avenue and are open from 10am-6pm Monday through Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturday. 


How it Works

Fruit Truck Delivery....

1. Check our delivery schedule to see when we're coming to your town. (If you'd like, we'll text you when we're coming. Click here to sign up for texts.) 

2. Reserve your fruit (if necessary.) No advance payment needed. If you reserve, we will hold your order for you. Walk-ups are always welcome, but customers with reservations are first in line at our truck. We don't always take reservations, if that's the case we will let you know. 

3. Come to your local delivery location when our truck gets to town.

4. Pick up your fruit and ENJOY!

Our Values

  • We want you to enjoy wholesome food the way it was intended. #TheOriginalFastFood

  • Our mission is to bring high quality, fresh fruit from the orchard to your community at a reasonable price.

  • Picked at the peak of maturity, we take great care in the handling and transportation of the choices we offer.

We never compromise integrity. Like you, we too love to share good laughs and delicious food. Connecting superior growers with you is what we do best. Our fruit is never sprayed with preservatives and never spends time sitting in a warehouse. We bring fresh fruit to you within days of being harvested.

Stay in touch and be the first to know when TheFruitTruck is coming to your town. We also love to send special text message coupons.

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