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from the orchard to your family

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Did you know that some of the fruit you buy in stores is sprayed with preservatives and kept in a warehouse for months? Some apples are kept in a warehouse for up to a YEAR before they make it to your kitchen! At The Fruit Truck we bring fresh, delicious fruit straight from the orchard directly to towns across the United States. As Grandma Penny always says, "if you want it any fresher, you'll have to pick it yourself!"

The Fruit Truck accepts Cash, Venmo, and Check at the time of pickup!


For Updates Follow us on Facebook. Each state has a dedicated Facebook Group! Search The Fruit Truck and your state.


After signing up for fruit, please check your spam/junk email folder if you do not see a confirmation in your inbox. Add noreply@jotform and to your trusted contacts to help prevent any junk/spam issues.


*Due to weather, reduced harvest, increased product, and transportation costs, product pricing may be subject to change.

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