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  • How does The Fruit Truck delivery work?
    1. Check our Truck Delivery Schedule to be sure there will be a delivery to a location near you. 2. Sign up for your fruit (Payment at time of pick-up) Reserve Fruit | The Fruit Truck ( 3. Pick up your fruit at the scheduled delivery event & ENJOY!
  • Is your fruit organic?
    If our fruit is certified organic, we will tell you that it is. For example, most of our Washington Apples are organic and are labeled as such. We choose our growers very carefully. The growing methods will vary from fruit to fruit. All of our fruits are non-GMO and grown on family run farms where they are careful with what is used, if anything is necessary. If they meet the requirements of being organic, the farm is too small to bear the expense of becoming certified organic. The cherries, apricots, apples, plums, pluots, pears we feature are grown without the use of pesticides, but are not certified organic. The peaches are not considered chemical free as pesticides may be used sparingly to save a dying tree. Strawberries are grown with system of releasing good bugs to battle the bad bugs, but if necessary, they will be treated with something to prevent a crop wipeout.
  • What type of payment do you accept?
    We Accept Cash, Check or Venmo at the truck at time of pickup!
  • Why does your schedule change?
    At The Fruit Truck, time is everything. We deliver our fruit free of preservatives, straight from the grower, within a few days of being hand picked. Unfortunately, when there is bad weather or a truck gets stuck behind an accident on the interstate, there is no buffer time or warehouse time to cover it up. Our schedule has to change and that change directly impacts you, our customer. While we can't control many of the issues that force us to adjust our schedule, we can control how those changes are handled. We notify our customers of schedule changes by sending out text messages, posting at and on our Facebook pages and groups. Please sign up for our text messages today and check our website for schedule changes before you pick up your fruit. Schedules and Pricing are subject to change as We bring our fruit directly from the orchard to you as quickly as we can so that it is as fresh as possible. While we work very hard to stay on schedule, weather at our orchards can temporarily delay the harvest process while traffic and other logistical issues can slow our trucks. This isn't an issue in stores because most of their fruit is sprayed with preservatives and kept ready in a warehouse for weeks. If a truck breaks down or a storm damages the orchard, they can just pull from their stash in the warehouse. For them, time doesn't matter.
  • Why do I have to order in such large quantities?
    This is the key to keeping the cost low. We buy fruit by the flat directly from the farms. Instead of breaking the fruit down into smaller packages, we deliver the fruit directly to you. Breaking down the larger flats and offering smaller packages would require different licensing, certified facilities and more packaging material. This would lead to higher prices and a significant delay in getting the freshest fruit to you.
  • Can I pick up my reservation in a different city?
    Yes. You can pick up in a city that works best for you!
  • How do I cancel my Sign-up/Order?
    No Need to cancel if you are not able to make pickup. Please ignore any delivery reminders you may get!
  • How do I know when my fruit is ready to be picked up?
    Check our Truck Delivery Schedule for scheduled delivery dates and times. Then, watch our website for updates on that schedule. Because of the nature of fresh fruit, and Mother Nature, we cannot set up exact times until we confirm dates with the orchards. Demand, logistics, and fruit availability sometimes cause schedule adjustments as well.
  • What do I do if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
    We want you to LOVE your fruit. If you are unsatisfied with your fruit, Please let us know by sending an email with your name, pick-up date/time, location and a brief description of the issue with pictures of the fruit and box to We will do our best to find a Solution. Please Allow up to 30 days in peak fruit season for a reply. We are a Small Family-Owned Company, during peak fruit season our full team is out at deliveries helping get fruit to our wonderful customers! *No refunds on perishable fruit
  • What happens if my order isn't exactly the advertised weight?
    Our Fruit is sold by volume and not by weight. The advertised weight is approximate. Because it is in bulk, it can be difficult to measure to the exact weight.
  • Are advance orders and/or reservations required?
    Signing up helps us notify you of deliveries and postponements and helps us determine how much fruit to put on each truck. It does not cost anything to sign up, Pay at time of pickup! Cash, Venmo & Checks accepted at the truck.
  • Why did I get a text when my reservation is for a different delivery date?
    Whenever our truck is scheduled to be at a particular location, our text message system sends a notification to every customer that has chosen that pick up location whether they have reserved or not. If you reserved for a different delivery date, just disregard the message. Or feel free to stop by and see if we have any extra for walk-up customers.
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