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What can I do with all these peaches?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

You’ve bought 25 lbs. of The Fruit Truck's juicy Georgia Peaches now what? Simply slicing the peaches and eating them is delicious in itself, but maybe you want to try something new. Here are three recipes that anyone can make…

1. First up, Peach Bruschetta. Bruschetta is an Italian dish and can be traced back to ancient Rome. Rumor has it, olive growers would bring their olives to a local olive press, and that is when they would sample their fresh oil with a slice of bread. Add a few toppings and voilà, you have bruschetta! I guess ‘voilà’ is French, so we should probably say ‘ecco qua.’ That’s apparently the Italian equivalent.

We are going to use olive oil in this recipe, but the peaches and goat cheese are going to add a new, tasty twist.

This recipe is a fun snack or appetizer and can be changed to your liking. The measuring of ingredients can be altered for the number of guests you plan on serving. This recipe takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Peach Bruschetta

Sliced toasted Tuscan or Italian bread

4 oz goat cheese

Goat cheese crumbles (optional)

Drizzle of olive oil

Fresh basil

Salt and pepper to taste

Peach slices


Drizzle slices of bread on baking sheet with olive oil.

Toast bread at 375° until hard, (5-7 minutes.) Take out of oven.

Spread goat cheese on bread.

Top with peach slices. I cut in slices, but you can dice if you’d like.

Sprinkle goat cheese crumbles (optional.)

Place a few fresh basil leaves on each piece.

Drizzle more olive oil if you’d like.

Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.

The amount of goat cheese you use is totally up to you, but it will overpower the peaches. Also, be careful with the ‘drizzle’ of olive oil. Less is more.

Side tip: Fresh basil is so good. I actually don't like basil, but I grow it in a pot on my front step. It grows like crazy, and I actually enjoy the taste. I bought the plant for $2 and now have an endless supply. Herb gardens are fun. I highly recommend.

2. The next easy recipe is an homage to Costco, or maybe I should say to my mother who likes the mango peach salsa from Costco…that I just learned has been discontinued. A fantastic reason to use The Fruit Truck’s Fresh Georgia Peaches to make your own salsa. This way you can have as much of it as you’d like anyway.

This salsa is so simple. It’s just chopping things up, tossing it all in a bowl, let sit for a bit, enjoy. This is another recipe that can be thrown together in no time at all. It also can be altered to your liking.

Easy Peach Salsa

6 peaches diced

Half red onion, minced

4 oz mild diced green chiles, 2 cans

One lemon

Salt & pepper


Mince onion in food processor.

Place all ingredients in a bowl.

Squeeze lemon over the top.

Cover and refrigerate.

Serve with chips.

It’s so simple. You can add diced mangoes if you really were a big fan of the Costco salsa, but I think it’s the peaches that really give it a unique taste. Also, add hot green chiles if you don’t mind a little kick. Tomatoes can be added as well, but I wasn’t courageous enough to add them, let us know if you give it a shot!

3. Our last super simple recipe is great for breakfast or dessert. A classic peach turnover is something anyone can get on board with. It’s just dough, stuffed with delicious cinnamon/sugar covered peaches. It’s like a toaster strudel on steroids.

Peach Turnovers

1 crescent dough sheet, cut into four squares

4 peaches, diced

1/2 c. of sugar (add to your liking)

1 egg white beaten with tsp of water

1T cinnamon


Powdered sugar


1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


Preheat oven to 375°

Spray baking sheet

Mix sugar, peaches & cinnamon

Place peach filling into center of dough square

Brush all sides of dough square with egg white wash

Close the square into a triangle, press sides

Brush egg white wash onto top of turnover

Cut three lines in top of turnover with sharp knife or poke fork (optional)

Bake for 12-15 minutes until light brown

Let sit, then drizzle glaze

Place extra filling on top if you'd like for extra peachy goodness

The hardest part about turnovers is getting them to look pretty. They always taste amazing. For these simple turnovers, I would try to buy the dough sheets without any perforated cut lines. This way you can determine the size you want to cut your perfect squares. Make sure the turnovers are sealed all the way when they are folded into triangles. Also, make sure you have enough cinnamon on your peaches. I don’t even like cinnamon, but it definitely plays a big role in this recipe.

You can substitute cherries in for the peaches and serve up two kinds of turnovers up for your guests. Both are available for pre-order now. This recipe really can be

done with any of The Fruit Truck's fruit. You can have turnovers all year long!

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