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Summertime and the livin’ is peach-y & How It Works

Updated: Jan 4

Summertime is full of peaches at The Fruit Truck and we couldn’t ask for a better crop of Georgia Peaches this season! Our Georgia Peaches are one of Mother Nature’s sweetest gifts and Georgia has had perfect peach weather this year. Fun Fact: The Fruit Truck has been delivering fresh Georgia Peaches for almost a decade and every year we are amazed at the quality, flavor, and all around juicy goodness of the Georgia Peaches we receive!

Peach season is every May - September in Georgia and The Fruit Truck typically features Georgia Peaches during June and July. With the limited growing and delivery season you won’t want to miss them! Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a fresh fruit feast and picking up your Georgia Peaches is easy as (peach) pie.

  1. Place your reservation at

  2. Check the delivery schedule and arrive at your preferred pick up location on the scheduled date and time.

  3. Payment is at pick up and we accept cash, checks and Venmo.

  4. ENJOY your fabulous Georgia Peaches.

Easy peasy and you’ll be enjoying fresh peaches in no time!

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