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Peach Fruit Roll-ups Recipe

I did it with strawberries, and many people asked if it would work with peaches, so I gave it a shot.

Result: it worked better, and they taste amazing


7-8 medium peaches

1/2 cup of sugar


Remove pit, put peaches in food processor

Process until peaches are in liquid state

Mix in sugar

Pour onto parchment paper on baking sheet (the thinner the spread the better)

Should fill two baking sheets

Bake at 170° for 7 hours

You know the roll-ups are done when they pull apart from the parchment paper easily


Alternative Options:

You can omit the sugar. You can add more. You can skin peaches.

You can use a dehydrator instead of oven.

This recipe is so easy, and your kids will love it. If you are in need of peaches, check out the delivery schedule.

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