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One fruit, one ingredient, one complete transformation into...a fruit roll-up!

These strawberries straight from Florida are so good, they can be eaten just as-is. However, ever since I was little, fruit rollups have been one of my favorite - typically unhealthy - snacks. A year ago I tried turning these strawberries into fruit leather without a dehydrator. I was surprised to find it actually worked with my oven. Of course you can use sugar, but I thought I would skip it to make it a true representation of strawberries just in a different form.

How-to video on TikTok


Wash strawberries, process

Get rid of some water by boiling processed strawberries, scoop out foam

Spread strawberry purée onto parchment paper on cooking sheet

Bake in oven at 170 degrees for 4-5 hours

(If fruit leather is still sticky, it is not done)


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