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Visiting Our Florida Strawberry Fields

Though it’s only mid-winter, here at MyFruitTruck.Com, we are thinking spring as we prepare for the arrival of our popular Florida Strawberries. Grown in sunny Plant City, Florida these sweet treats are soaked with sunshine! Come along as we enjoy the views of our fresh, juicy strawberries and dream of all the wonderful recipes we will be trying in the upcoming weeks.

Why Plant City strawberries? Plant City, Florida is known as the winter strawberry capital of the world and even hosts the annual Florida Strawberry Festival in late February and early March. The Florida Strawberry Festival is an 11 day event celebrating all things strawberry. Every year approximately 500,000 strawberry lovers enjoy the festival’s entertainment, rides, vendors, and, arguably the most important, the strawberry shortcake.

Plant City’s humid subtropical climate features the perfect growing conditions for the berries with the right mix of hot and humid air in the summer and warm and dry air in the winter and as such; strawberries are one of the first fruits to ripen in the spring. With their bright red color, sweet aroma, and juicy taste our Florida Strawberries are absolutely amazing eaten fresh, but also work well in salads, smoothies, and desserts.

These super-fruits are sure to please and your family will absolutely adore them! One study found that a majority of children consistently chose strawberries as their favorite fruit. Who can blame them? With all their sun-drenched goodness it’s hard to imagine a better introduction to the spring produce season.

Whether you choose to eat them fresh, dehydrated for a quick and easy snack, or baked into your favorite dessert we are certain you will fall in love with our sweet Florida Strawberries!

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