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Kids will love this grape sorbet, no sugar added!

The Fruit Truck has been out and about selling you California grapes. These fresh grapes are so addicting. The stella bella green grapes are crisp and refreshing, while the scarlet royal red grapes are sweet. The Fruit Truck sells these fresh from the orchard grapes in bulk, so I wanted to make something A. I would like and B. that would last a little while. So, I thought I would give grape sorbet a shot, and man, I am so glad I did.

The best part about grape sorbet? It's really just grapes in another form. NO SUGAR ADDED! Got that Moms and Dads? You can give your kids this fun snack, that they can help make, and it's healthy! It's great for parents too.

So are you ready to get your ingredients and get rolling? You need.....grapes & a lemon. That's it.


- Grab about 100 grapes, or however many you want. Take them off the vine and toss them in the freezer until frozen. Roughly 4 hours. (I went with green, red work too)

- Once those grapes are frozen, grab roughly 50-100 more grapes. Take them off the vine and toss them in a pot over medium heat. I sliced mine because these green California grapes were so firm.

- When they are soft, start mashing the grapes with a potato masher.

- Strain the grape juice into another bowl. Toss in freezer until chilled, 20 minutes or so, don't freeze.

- Put frozen grapes and grape juice in blender.

- Blend together with one squeezed lemon.


**Put leftover sorbet in freezer

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