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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

One thing parents have probably learned during this Covid-19 pandemic is that cooking and baking cover a wide array of school subjects when kids are forced to learn from home. Cook dinner with Mom or Dad and you’ve covered math, science, home economics and art. It’s funny, but I’m on board with it!

Today we have some easy recipes for kids: Peaches and Cream Popsicles, Sweet Cherry Popsicles, Fried Cherry Cream Wontons, Mini Cheese Cake & Peach Ice Cubes

Cooking and baking with parents or loved ones at a young age is so important, more essential in my opinion than many other things we learn/forget from school. I mean I definitely am utilizing cooking skills more than I am say…using basic logarithms daily, but that’s just a personal observation, don’t tell my high school algebra teacher.

I remember in home economics class in high school we were baking cookies, and I looked over and one of my classmates was literally shoving flour into a measuring cup with her hands and leveling it off with her finger…like what? Clearly, she never participated in preparing meals or snacks at her home.

In my household growing up, my mom did most the cooking and baking, and I remember always wanting to help and observing what she was doing. I’m no chef or professional baker by any means, but today I get by with what I learned growing up.

Anywho, what I am getting at here is…why not incorporate some Fresh Georgia Peaches and Washington Cherries into your kid’s diet, and have them help prepare some easy snacks!

Summer is upon us, so who doesn’t love a good popsicle? Well how about a healthy popsicle with fresh fruit, even better.

Before we get rolling, I want to mention I bought my popsicle mold for under $4 at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can find them at many department stores. If you don’t want to buy one, you can always use an ice tray and toothpicks to make ‘mini’ pops.

Peaches and Cream Popsicles

4 Fresh Georgia Peaches, peeled (optional) and sliced into mini wedges

2 Cups of Greek Yogurt (You can use plain. I used peach.)

Drizzle of Honey

Tsp of vanilla extract


(roasting peaches optional*)

*Preheat oven to 375

*Spray small pan or baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray

*Place peaches into oven for 15-20 minutes, drizzle with honey for final couple minutes

*Sprinkle peaches with salt

When peaches are cooked, mix together other ingredients

Add more honey if you’d like

Place the blend in popsicle mold

Freeze overnight or for at least five hours

To remove popsicle, run hot water alongside the mold

These popsicles taste delicious, are creamy and not filled with granulated sugar. I use raw & unfiltered honey. You can use as much or little as you’d like.

*One other tidbit for this recipe, I tried roasting the peaches to keep the peach juice from watering down these creamy popsicles, but I don’t think this is totally necessary. It just reduces the water content, keeping the popsicles creamy, but since this is a kid-friendly recipe, I don’t think the oven is necessary.

Cherries can also be substituted for the peaches.

Let’s give The Fruit Truck's Fresh Washington Cherries their own popsicle though. This recipe is even easier.

Sweet Cherry Popsicles

Dollop of Greek Yogurt

Chopped Cherries

Fruit Juice, Lemonade, Whatever you have around the house


Pit the cherries, I just cut around the pit and pop it out

Slice cherries to size you like

Mix with dollop of yogurt and juice, I actually used raspberry lemonade

Toss in popsicle mold

Freeze and Enjoy

Our next kid-friendly recipe is one of the easiest yet, but it takes patience. If you have an air fryer, I recommend using it. I try to avoid deep-frying with oil because it just adds calories. Also, I burned my house down trying to fry in oil on the stove, so….yeah, if you have an air fryer this is the perfect recipe for you. 😊

Fried Cherry Cream Wontons

Pitted and Sliced Fresh Washington Cherries

Egg Roll Skins (easy to find in oriental stores)

8 oz cream cheese or whipped cream cheese spread

Heavy whipping cream (optional)



Warm Air Fryer at 350 degrees

Mix Cream Cheese with desired amount of sugar, I’d say ¼ cup, but taste and see if you want more

Add tablespoon of heavy cream. Mix.

Mix in cherries.

Cut egg roll skins into four squares

Place a spoonful of mixture onto egg roll skin

Wet your fingers with water and run around the edge of egg roll skin, use water to seal skin into triangle

Make sure it’s sealed and drop into air fryer for 3-5 minutes, until lightly brown

Mix heavy cream with a tablespoon of sugar, whip until fluffy (optional)

Take wonton out and serve with (optional) more cherries and a little bit of whipped cream

These wontons are a delicious dessert, but they can easily break open when in the fryer. It’s important to make sure they are properly sealed. If you can’t get them sealed by just pushing with your fingers, try sealing them with a fork. Keep an eye on them when in the fryer.

Now, you may have leftover filling from your wontons. Well, it’s perfect for cheesecake!

Mini Cheese Cake (No Bake!)

Purchase mini pre-made ready crust

Fried Cherry Cream Wonton filling

Heavy whipping cream


Instructions :

Whip ½ cup heavy cream mixed with a tablespoon of sugar into stiff peaks

Fold cream into wonton filling with spatula, don’t deflate the air

Fill pre-made crust with filling.

Cover and set in fridge for a couple hours, overnight even better

Whip heavy cream again with sugar until fluffy, place on top of cheesecake

Top with cherry, enjoy

As you may have noticed, these ingredient quantities/ratios are quite vague. It’s because it all goes off how many people you plan to serve and your taste. If you want more sugar, add more sugar. It’s all up to you. The nice thing is, it’s very hard to mess this one up.

The only semi-hard part of this recipe is folding the cream into the wonton filling. It’s important to just fold it in gently, so a mousse-like consistency forms. It will all come together nicely in the fridge.

For our final kid-friendly recipe of this post, I have more of just a hack. A hack for people of all ages. So you’ve pitted the peaches, cut slices for your recipes, now what? Do you throw all the leftover parts of the peach away? I say no. Make sure the parts haven’t been contaminated by anything. Then toss them all into a bowl with some water, pits included. Cover if you’d like, and let it sit overnight. The next day, use a mesh strainer or sieve and save the now ‘peach water.’ Toss it in an ice tray and freeze. It makes for the perfect ice cube in peach tea or even water looking for a splash of fruit.

If you wanted to get really creative, you could even dice up a few fresh peaches and freeze them in the cube. That would make for a real blast of fruit flavor in your water or tea.

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