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Fresh Peach Jam

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Do you get sick of reading a novel before you get to the recipe? I do. So let’s get rolling.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make this simple jam. Recipe to follow.

Courtesy: @kamieroeslergotwins on TikTok

What you need:

10 medium peaches

2 pouches of pectin

Squirt of lemon juice

4 cups of sugar

*canning jars


1. First blanch your peaches to remove skin. Boil water, toss in peaches for 30 seconds to a minute, take out and place in ice bath. Remove skin.

2. Next, remove pits and stems and chop like a maniac. Toss mushy peaches in pot over high heat. Add lemon juice. One tablespoon is good enough.

3. Add pectin. I added two pouches of the kind I had (see below.) Stir constantly until rolling boil. Add sugar, stir and let boil for another minute or two.

4. Remove from heat. Wipe off any foam on top. Pour jam mixture into CLEANED jars.

5. Boil more water. Put jars in boiling water for five minutes. Store in fridge.

*This made 7 half pint jars for me. I bought them at Target for $8.

Here is the pectin I used.

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