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3 Reasons Why Everyone is Raving about

The Fruit Truck is the newest option for premium natural foods and is committed to delivering only the highest quality produce, meat and seafood selections. Here are three reasons why our customers are so excited:

1. Our products are hand selected.

We carefully select the farms, ranches and orchards we partner with to ensure that we are delivering exceptional quality each and every time. We have families of our own and know that you are committed to serving your family only the best. Our fresh produce, meat and seafood all team together to provide your family with the ultimate in quality. Our products are loaded onto our refrigerated trucks fresh from the orchard or farm and delivered to you in a matter of days. Unlike many grocery store options, our selections never spend time in a warehouse. You can see and taste the difference!

2. Our co-op style buying system.

Our co-op style buying system allows you to save money without sacrificing quality. We eliminate costly middlemen and pass the savings onto you. Buying in bulk allows you to purchase quality produce, meats, and seafood at a price that is affordable for your family. Also, many of our customers have found it beneficial to share an order with friends or family members. Additionally, many of our produce selections as well as our meat and seafood selections can be frozen for future use. Buy in bulk and save!

3. Our ordering system is convenient and easy.

To order simply choose the produce, meat and seafood options you would like and add them to your cart. To ensure efficient delivery, meat and seafood options must be ordered and pre-paid online prior to pick-up. Depending on your location our fruit selections can be pre-paid online or you may choose to pay for them at the time of delivery. Come to the delivery truck during the scheduled delivery date and time and enjoy that stocked-up-on quality feeling.

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