Our trucks are going to be in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Chicagoland and Indiana July 29-August 2!

Our trucks will have Washington Red Cherries, Georgia Peaches and Pecans. Washington nectarines were not quite ready for harvest. Our trucks WILL NOT HAVE WASHINGTON NECTARINES JULY 29-AUGUST 2. We will be coming back in August with Pears Apples and Nectarines. Pick up dates for our August fruit will be announced this week. 

We will have plenty of extra peaches and cherries available for walk-up customers.  


  1. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUR SCHEDULE for the date, time and location of your fresh fruit pick up.

  2. Go to our truck at your specified time and location to pick up your freshly picked fruit.

  3. Customers with reservations are helped first at the truck. 

Occasionally our truck will be late due to traffic or weather. If our truck is going to be more than 15 minutes late to your pick-up location, we will post an update on our truck status page and notify our customers via text message. 

We accept cash, check and Venmo at the truck. No credit cards at this time.


Due to a late freeze at our orchard, the price of cherries is much higher than anticipated. We will honor our advertised price of $55 for 20 lbs, $35 for 10 lbs for everyone that has a reservation. Our price for walk-up customers will be $35 per 10 lbs or $70 for 20 lbs. 

Peaches half-bushel (approx. 25 lb): $45

Peaches quarter-bushel (approx. 12.5 lb): $30
Washington Dark Red (Bing) Cherries 20 lb: $55 for reserved ($70 for walk-up customers)
Washington Dark Red (Bing) Cherries 10 lb: $35
Washington Rainier Cherries 20 lb: $70
Washington Rainier Cherries 10 lb: $40
Washington Apricots 10 lb: $30


We have new management this year and are working hard to make your experience better than ever.

  1. Commitment to being on time: We know your time is valuable. While weather, orchard harvest schedules and unexpected truck and logistics issues can happen, we are implementing policies and dedicating more staff to ensuring that our trucks are on time as much as possible.

  2. Improved communication: Sometimes a delay is unavoidable. If our truck is delayed by more than 15 minutes, we will post a notification to our Truck Status page and send you a text message.  

  3. Reservations matter: If you reserve strawberries, there will be strawberries waiting for you when our truck comes to your pick-up location. 

  4. Improved customer service: We are committed to improving our customer service experience. If you have any questions or issues regarding your order, please contact our customer care team by sending an email to care@MyFruitTruck.com

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