While we work very hard to stay on time, our schedule can and often does change. When trying to get fruit from the orchard to you in a matter of days, weather, traffic or any unexpected circumstance can impact our schedule. While we can't control Mother Nature, we can control how we communicate with you. We will notify you via text message and our truck status update page if our truck is delayed by more than 15 minutes. Please sign up for text message notifications and check our truck status page before you go to the truck. We don't ever want you to wait for no reason.

If there is not a delivery location near you, help us change that! We sell fruit by the truckload, so it is not practical or financially feasible for us to make a stop for one or two flats. So spread the word! Tell your friends and family to reserve your fruit now.  If we get enough reservations, we will deliver fresh picked fruit to your town. For more information check out our FAQ section