The Fruit Truck is a family owned farm to consumer produce delivery company based in Sioux Falls, SD that has been delivering farm-fresh fruit to communities across the upper Midwest since 2013. 


The Fruit Truck picks up fresh fruit at farms and orchards and delivers it directly to communities across the country. You can reserve your fruit online and pick it up at the scheduled Fruit Truck delivery event in your community. 

  1. Check our FRUIT TRUCK DELIVERY SCHEDULE for The Fruit Truck delivery event closest to you. 

  2. RESERVE YOUR FRUIT on our website. Reservations are not required, but it's the only way to guarantee your fresh fruit will be waiting for you when you arrive. 

  3. Come to your scheduled Fruit Truck delivery event and pick up your fresh fruit.

- Our Story -

The Fruit Truck is a family owned business with corporate offices located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Fruit Truck CEO and President, Irina Kleinsasser, was featured in a recent edition of Authority Magazine and explained why she's so passionate about what we do:

"As a child, my father was a long-distance truck driver who treasured spoiling his family with special treats brought back from the cities and states he traveled day and night. He loved seeing the excitement and anticipation on our faces as he rolled into the driveway after each trip; his favorite and our favorite treats always seemed to include the amazing farm-fresh fruits and produce he would purchase from small farms across the country.

Imagine having fresh Georgia peaches, Washington State apples and cherries, citrus fruits from Florida and vine fresh grapes and olives from California as a kid. We fell in love with the difference in taste and quality and soon found it impossible to enjoy store bought produce when our stockpiles ran low.

I hadn’t realized how spoiled I had become, until I grew up, got married, and had children of my own. Then I realized that having access to truly farm-fresh food was rare for any family.

Now a mother to four children, I wanted to provide the very best for my family, and I also wanted my children to enjoy the many wonderful seasonal treats grown across the country just like my father had introduced me to so long ago.

We started small; working with local farmers and wholesalers to transport truckloads of locally grown fruits and vegetables to cities across America where we could sell directly to consumers before refilling our truck with harvest fresh produce to bring to our next stop."

Since 2013 we have delivered our fruit across the Midwest and beyond. We have reached 250,000 customers in 25 states and provided good jobs to over 150 people. We have shipped farm fresh products across America. We have been blessed.

”Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.” Genesis 1:11


Irina Kleinsasser, President and CEO of The Fruit Truck

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